How to get free and fast RDP for Mac and Windows


If you are looking for RDP that combines free and high speed, you are now reading the right topic, as we will share with you in this post the steps that you can take in order to get the fastest RDP that you can currently use for free, easily and without stopping or problems.

The RDP that we are talking about is provided by a site called serverspace, and it is an easy and simple site, as all you have to do in order to use its RDP is enter the site’s platform through the link below, then put your e-mail and click On :

After that, the login data will be sent to your e-mail, where you will receive the e-mail and password, then you will return to the site and click on “Login” and log in to it to show you your account on the site in this way:

And what you will have to do now in order to get a fast and free RDP is to click on the Windows option, then click on the country that you want to use in your RDP.

After that, you directly click on Next, and you must wait for a few seconds until you are provided with the password and login information to the RDP.

 Now that the password and login data appear, all you have to do is download the remote desktop connection program, which is a Microsoft program that you can download either on the Mac or on Windows.

After downloading it, you will enter the RDP with the same data that was provided to you, and it will appear directly to you so that you can now start using it for free and benefit from everything.

Log in to the serverspace website.


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