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How to do natural makeup


This guide will help you enhance your natural beauty with a minimum of makeup.


1.Choose cosmetics
Natural makeup is almost invisible. Think about which products from your cosmetic bag are suitable for the look, or buy new ones.
Please note that concealer and powder should not differ much from the skin tone on the neck, and shades of blush, lipstick, and eyebrow products should be bright. They are needed not to highlight the eyes or lips but to hide minor imperfections. For example, paint a few hairs on sparse eyebrows or revive pale skin.

2. Prepare your skin.
This is an important point. Don’t skip it if you want even makeup. The first stage is cleansing. It is best to use a mild product such as mousse or foam. You can wash your face twice with oily skin. And do not forget to repeat the procedure every day, then the face will look smooth and healthy.
Then rub the skin with toner – it tightens pores and refreshes. Follow with a moisturizer. A pea-sized drop will suffice. If you take more, an oily sheen will appear.

3. Apply concealer.
Distribute the product pointwise to problem areas. For example, mask redness. Add concealer under the eyes. This will hide the dark circles. Pat your fingertips on the skin to blend. Or use a small flat brush for this.

4. Use powder.
The item for those who suffer from oily sheen. Spread the product over your face in a circular motion. Better to do it with a large brush.

5. Accentuate your eyebrows.
Use a pencil or color cream, for example. Apply some product and blend well… Let it be subtle.
If you don’t want to tint, you can only apply a transparent gel. Lay the hairs in the direction of growth.

6. Take care of your eyes.
Sometimes it is enough to curl your eyelashes with a special curling iron. If you want a sharper look, apply mascara. But no more than two layers. For light hairs, brown is suitable, for dark ones – black.
To highlight the eyes, you can take a little mascara on a small brush and tint her eyelid near the roots of the hairs.

7. Make the blush.
Apply a cream or lose blush. It all depends on your preference. You can blend the product with your fingers or a large synthetic bristle brush.

8. Paint your lips.
A light tint balm is ideal. If you don’t feel like painting your lips, try exfoliating them. This requires a mild scrub. Rub it in small circular motions. Then apply hygienic lipstick. This will give you natural color.

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